A Singular Focus On Small Companies.


Corporate carve outs, Founder/ Family owned companies, consolidation all are ideal deal types for our firm.


-Business Services -Industrial -Retail -SAAS These are the industries we focus on in making portfolio investments.


EBITDA $2-$10 Million Equity Investment up to $15 Million.


Our firm has 25 years of collective experience in small cap companies. We understand the need for speed and certainty in the market.

What's New at Wayne Capital Partners

We are proud to announce our newest limited partners, Mississippi Fire Fighters Pension, and MCS, Inc. to our Wayne Emerging Capital Fund I. We are proud of this new partnership and all of our new LPs as our fund grows! Get invested today signup for more information.

“The Intelligent Investor,” -Robert Graham. This book speaks on investing through sound judgement and fundamentals rather than quick gains which may result in heavy losses.

Learn about what sets us apart and our passion for results and profits. Why your finances are secure with our firm and you can grow with us steadily over time.